part of debate

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part of debate by Mind Map: part of debate

1. topic

1.1. theme of the article, the main idea, what you are debating about, be arguable, be specific

2. reaearch

2.1. a purposeful investigation to contrary in the real world explore some thing, look for information about your topic, credible and reliable sources, investigate, ethos pathos logos.

3. public speaking

3.1. have a speech around lot of people, speak of people, eye contact, stand up straight, body language, loud and clear voice, speak clearly, articulate, be confident, prepare.

4. collaboration

4.1. act of working together, communicate, work together, teamwork, share ideas, support each other, help each other research, be patient and understanding, explain.

5. claim argwment

5.1. to discuss with someone about one subject, claim, stating your opinion, perspective, point of view, opinion, the way you see things, agree/disagree, opposing sides, use evidence to support your claim, be respectful/ respective