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Debate by Mind Map: Debate

1. research

1.1. to investigate and find the information about a topic

1.2. credible and reliable sources

1.3. use the internet books people to find information

2. claim/argument

2.1. to discuss with the opposite with one topic and support your reasons to let the opposite convince your opinion

2.2. perspective

2.2.1. point of view

2.3. agree and disagree

2.4. be respectful

2.5. opposing sides

3. topic

3.1. a subject or a theme of an article

3.1.1. can be talk/argurable

3.2. specific

3.3. debating about

3.4. can be anything

4. public speaking

4.1. to speaking in front of audience and let everyone know you opinion

4.2. eye contact

4.3. stand properly

4.4. voice be loud

4.5. articulate

4.6. body language

4.7. confident

4.8. practice

5. collaboration

5.1. to work with someone and communicate with them

5.2. be kind to your teammate

5.3. share ideas

5.4. support your teammate

5.5. help each other research