Classroom Communication

Allison Sanders

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Classroom Communication by Mind Map: Classroom Communication

1. Cultural Differences

1.1. The ways students are taught at home may clash with how we are trying to teach in the classroom.

1.2. Understanding student background will help to understand why students act the way they do in class.

1.3. While students may speak English, they may not know or speak academic English.

2. Understanding

2.1. Students focus more on meaning rather than being linguistically accurate during classroom discussion.

2.2. Students use speaking to show what they know in the classroom more than any other form of communication.

2.3. Providing students with proper feedback.

3. Student Voice and Choice

3.1. Students are more interested in sharing in discussion if topics are relevant to them.

3.2. Encourage student participation in conversation.

3.3. Students may show more comfort in speaking in small group or one on one interactions.