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Community by Mind Map: Community

1. Teachers with other teachers

1.1. Helping hand

1.1.1. They will help them lesson plan My MT and this other switched grade levels last minute without knowing, so they take the time out to show each other what their lesson plans would have been.

1.2. supportive

1.2.1. If there is an issue they are quick to be there to support you.

1.3. team

1.3.1. TBT meetings every Thursday morning This is a good time to let all the English teachers get together with the principle to speak about the expectations for the year.

1.4. "In this together"

1.4.1. They say this when they are starting to get overwhelmed. My MT says this make sure the other teachers know they aren't the only one struggling. My MT is a seasoned teacher so she likes to let all the younger teachers know that she is also struggling.

2. teachers with their students

2.1. Family

2.1.1. My MT is very special because she treats all of her students like they are family. Crazy thing is that after they leave her class she still checks in on them like they are her children. I am so happy I am able to be in a classroom that has this type of mindset. My goal is to be able to do this for my students and support them through anything. I really do have the best MT to learn from.

2.2. Vulnerablilty

2.2.1. Teacher is very vulnerable with the students. She tells them about the things that are going on in her own life. Students do the same. Being able to be so opens the door to build relationships with your students.

2.3. Respect

2.3.1. Two way street Teacher has respect for her students. She does not put students on the spot because she does not believe in putting students in an uncomfortable situation. Students know not to respect my MT because she truly cares for them. There are many times where one student will be rude to Ms. Mulvihill and another will shut it down by saying, "she really cares for us, she doesn't deserve that."

3. students with other students

3.1. very familiar with each other because of the freshmen fusion activity

3.1.1. Freshmen fusion: a day of activities centered around the freshmen class. This is done to build a community between the students. Seniors are the helpers of the day.

3.2. Very close with the students that have been there.

3.3. New students or students that are English language learners found a community amongst themselves

4. school

4.1. family

4.1.1. Staff really do look at the students as their own kids. They will help not only with academic issues, but issues with their jobs or family. One time there was an incident in which one of my students didn't get their paycheck, and my MT talked to their manager to get everything straightened out.

4.2. The want to succeed

4.2.1. All of the students have this want for success This is really important because they have the drive to the work. Students are willing to be a part of many school activities to put on their resumes.

4.3. "Be amazing to achieve the amazing"

4.3.1. This is the saying our new principle says. I think the students enjoy it. He will sometimes play the Kenye song "Amazing" to hype up the students.

5. Teacher with student teacher

5.1. Very supportive

5.1.1. Ms. Mulvihill is very supportive of my ideas. She will tell me that my ideas are helpful, but here are somethings to make my idea even better. Very grateful for this

5.2. Understanding

5.2.1. She knows that this semester is very intense and she is not asking too much of me. I really appreciate this because she excepts an understandable amount of work for me to do.

5.3. She wants to know me

5.3.1. She really likes to build relationships with everyone she gets into contact with There are many time in which my MT will introduce me to some students that she thinks will make a great impact. This makes me so happy!