Legislation for People with Disabilities

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Legislation for People with Disabilities by Mind Map: Legislation for People with Disabilities

1. PA 198/451

1.1. Guaranteed a free, appropriate public education for students with disabilities aged birth through 26 years

1.2. Enacted in 1975

1.2.1. Zero Reject

1.2.2. LRE

1.2.3. MET

1.2.4. Nondiscriminatory Assessment

1.2.5. IEP

1.2.6. Procedural Safeguards


2.1. Requires schools to find and evaluate students

2.2. Schools must provide services and support for the students

2.3. Learning barriers are removed for students

2.4. Gives students services tailored to their needs

2.5. Free to students

2.6. Harder to qualify for

2.7. 13 Catagories

2.8. Parents receive financial help for babies with disabilities

2.9. Provides transition plans for people 16 and older

3. Section 504 if the Rehabilitation Act

3.1. Removes barriers and protects people with disabilities

3.2. Provides children with disabilities free and appropriate education

3.3. Provides special education services for students

3.4. Covers any student who has a physical or metal impairment which limits them

4. Americans with Disabilities Act

4.1. Protects employers and public spaces

4.2. Covers people who are discriminated against because they are perceived to have a disability

4.3. Requires all places to provide reasonable accommodations

4.4. Applies to businesses with 15 or more employees