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1. Prewriting strategies

1.1. Writing is an important business skill

1.1.1. It helps to present ideas

1.1.2. It helps to think through ideas more precisely

1.2. Developing great ideas

1.2.1. collect all your ideas in one place

1.2.2. Review these ideas and identify best ones

1.2.3. Tease out ideas that stand the test of time

1.3. Research process

1.3.1. Test validity and reliablity of ideas

1.3.2. Stand out from noise

1.3.3. Communicate ideas to others

1.3.4. Guide your narrative &understand what's important

1.3.5. Tools for research:Google scholar,Expert interviews

1.4. Outline

1.4.1. Categorize main points

1.4.2. Organize your section into an order

1.4.3. Make sure each section can be fully developed

1.4.4. Prevent you from getting stuck

1.4.5. Identify gaps in your research

2. Writing Tips

2.1. Establishing right writing environment

2.1.1. find a place where you are more focused

2.2. Pain of writing a first draft

2.2.1. first draft Rewriting Rearranging Refining

2.3. Writing impactful introductions and conclusions

2.3.1. Business content Introduction Body Conclusion

2.4. Top writing tips by Danial pink

2.4.1. Practice writing more and constantly

2.4.2. Read a lot,read widely

2.4.3. Take notes

2.4.4. Be a diagnostician

2.4.5. Learn that there is no perfection

3. Editing and proof reading

3.1. A guide to self editing

3.1.1. look for 3 common pitfalls-Too thin writing,Too boring,Too repetition

3.2. Asking for constructive feedback

3.2.1. Key to getting great feedback is giving editors guidance

3.3. Choosing right Title

3.3.1. Accurate,Exciting,Concise &Brainstorm with other people

3.4. Measuring your writing success

3.4.1. Engagement

3.4.2. Brand awareness

3.4.3. Lead generation

3.4.4. Customer loyalty and retention

3.4.5. Lead generation

3.4.6. Customer loyalty and retention

3.4.7. Brand awareness