3 Levals Of Goverment

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3 Levals Of Goverment by Mind Map: 3 Levals Of Goverment

1. Federal

1.1. Banking

1.2. The post office

1.3. Railways

1.4. National defence

1.4.1. This service protects us and makes sure that no harm comes to us.

1.5. Indigenous rights

1.6. Foreign affairs

1.6.1. This services helps to make sure we have good relationships with other countries such has USA, Ireland and more.

2. provincial

2.1. Energy

2.2. Tourism, parks ,

2.3. Education

2.3.1. This service educate kids and makes them smart so they can get a good job when there older.

2.4. Transportation

2.5. Health and wellness

2.5.1. This service makes sure everyone is healthy if not they can help those people.

2.6. Community service

3. municipal

3.1. Water

3.2. Animal control

3.2.1. This service makes sure animals aren't rooming in the city and are brought back to the wilderness.

3.3. Fire services

3.4. Police services

3.5. Business licence

3.5.1. This service makes sure everyone who owns a company has a licence.

3.6. Waste management

4. shared

4.1. Police

4.1.1. This service makes sure no bad people are harming our country.

4.2. Roads

4.3. Environment

4.3.1. This service makes our environment clean with no pollution or garbage.

4.4. Parks

4.5. Tourism

4.6. Laws and rules