3 Levels Of Government

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3 Levels Of Government by Mind Map: 3 Levels Of Government

1. Federal

1.1. National Defence

1.2. Citizenship and Immigration

1.3. Fisheries and Oceans

1.3.1. The federal government is in charge of making sure that there isn't too much fishing in the oceans and the baby fish get let go

1.4. Health

1.5. Finance

1.6. Justice

1.7. Postal Service

1.7.1. The federal government is also in charge of getting all of the mail where it needs to go

1.8. industry

2. Provincial

2.1. Education

2.1.1. The Provincial government is incharge of giving everyone a education and manage the different schools

2.2. Energy

2.3. Tourism, Parks and Recreation

2.4. Human Services

2.5. Aboriginal Religons

2.6. Culture

2.7. wildlife

2.8. licences

2.8.1. They give everyone who has passed their test a licence and making sure nobody who shouldn't have one have it.

3. Municipal

3.1. Airports

3.1.1. The municipal government is in charge of airports. They make sure all the airports have enough planes and enought room to take off

3.2. Animal control

3.3. Fire services

3.4. Police services

3.5. Cemeteries

3.6. Roads streets and walks

3.7. Waste Management

3.7.1. The municipal government was in charge of keeping the waste where it is supposed to be.

4. Shared

4.1. Agriculture

4.2. Tourism

4.3. Transportation

4.3.1. All levels are in charge of making and providing enough money to making cars and public transit.

4.4. Environment

4.5. Roads

4.6. Health

4.6.1. All three governments are also in charge of keeping everyone healthy and having enough money to provide health care