Three levels of Goverment

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Three levels of Goverment by Mind Map: Three levels of Goverment

1. Provincial Goverment

1.1. Energy

1.1.1. Education Transportation Service Alberta Human services Infrastructure

1.1.2. Education is teaching kids about important stuff so the subjects that you did earlier will help you to have a succsesfull life

1.1.3. Resourse Develepment

1.2. Energy is the thing that gets lights to work and tv's so energy is important.

1.3. Municipal Affairs

2. Shared

2.1. Fishing

3. Federal Goverment

3.1. Health

3.1.1. Justice

3.1.2. Labour Services

3.1.3. Royal horse police Finance

3.2. Healh is taking care of people so they don't get anything bad to their body

4. Minicipal Goerment

4.1. Airports

4.1.1. Waste management

4.1.2. Tourism Animal control Cemeteries Fire services Fire services are fire fighters that save people from fire with water.

4.2. Airports help people travel to different places in the world and see whats its like in a different country.

4.3. Storms sewers and drainage

4.4. Parks and pathway