Goal Setting and Motivation

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Goal Setting and Motivation by Mind Map: Goal Setting and Motivation

1. Relationship Between Goal Setting and Success

1.1. Success involves a sequence of actions that leads to a desired outcome; the process starts with identifying an end goal and finding a means to reach that goal.

2. Characteristics of a Well-Designed Goal

2.1. People who set specific, well designed goals are more likely to succeed than are people who tell themselves they are going to do something. SMART Goal: Specific, Meaningful, Actionable, Realistic, Time. SMART goal setting can be used in area of your life.

3. Strategies for Maintaining Motivation and Progress Toward Your Goals

3.1. Must have a will to succeed. Must have a strong commitment to achieve the goal that has been set. Put your goals in writing and make them visible. Keep your eye on the prize. Visualize completing the steps leading to your goal. Keep a record of progress. Reward yourself for reaching milestones on the path toward your goal.

4. Characteristics of Successful People

4.1. Internal Locus of Control. Individuals believe they are in control for events in their life. Success in influenced more by attitude, effort, commitment, rather than by inherited ability, inborn intelligence, luck, chance or fate.

4.2. Self-Efficacy. You have the power to produce a positive effect on the outcomes of your life. People with strong self-efficacy initiate action and exert effort.

4.3. Grit. People who expend significant effort, energy, and sacrifice over a sustained period of time to achieve a goal, is demonstrating grit. They tend to practice persistence, tenacity, and resilience.

4.4. Self Discipline. The ability to keep actions aligned with a goal, staying on course, and moving in the right directions. Ability to resist giving in to temptation.

4.5. Growth Mindset. Intelligence and other positive qualities can be grown or developed