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Clean Coder by Mind Map: Clean Coder

1. Author

1.1. Robert Martin (Uncle Bob)

1.2. Authors of the Agile Manifesto

1.3. Other books

1.3.1. Clean Code 10. 15% availability Scare the duty code

1.3.2. Clean Architecture

2. Overview

2.1. No code

2.2. Story telling

2.2.1. Play a lot of positions

2.2.2. Had been fined

2.2.3. Had left company because of salary, then jobless, then reapply with ... lower salary

2.3. Nasa accident

2.3.1. 7 people died

2.3.2. Role of engineer

3. Professionalism

3.1. Do NOT harm (Responsibly)

3.1.1. Code must be tested by yourself

3.1.2. QC should be free

3.1.3. Automation test

3.1.4. Write code in a testable way

3.2. Career path

3.2.1. Your career is your responsibility, not your employer

3.2.2. Use extra hour for yourself (Beside 40 hours per week for company) List something you see they're important List something you want to learn Screenshot Learn1, Learn2 Practice Musicians don’t get better by performing (doing your job), they get better by practicing (outside of work)

3.3. Know your field

3.3.1. Relate to business

3.3.2. Should read 1,2 books related to your business model (accountant, ads, data-insight ...)

4. Saying No

4.1. Story telling

4.1.1. Call center deployment

4.2. Professional have encourage to say No with their manager

4.3. Adversarial role

4.3.1. Each person take care for their own responsibility

4.4. Being team-player

4.4.1. Story telling Login form

4.5. The cost of saying yes

5. Other chapters

5.1. Saying YES

5.2. Time Management

5.3. TDD

5.4. Estimation

5.5. Pressure

5.6. Testing strategy

6. Coding

6.1. Error-sense

6.1.1. Close to feedback loop and learn quickly Typing example

6.2. Intellectually challenging and exhausting activity

6.2.1. Business context Customer requirement Some they don't what they really want

6.2.2. Architecture context

6.2.3. Platform/language context

6.2.4. Implement in detail Bug NPE

6.2.5. Readable

6.2.6. Easy to maintenance

6.2.7. Easy to find cause when prod's issues

6.3. Mood

6.3.1. Well prepaness

6.3.2. 3AM Code Balancing between mood and moral status Story telling Infinite email loops

6.3.3. Worry code Image Time partitioning Background context Solve the worry first

6.3.4. Flow zone Add some TODO Focus

6.3.5. Music Doesn't work with him "The comments in that code contained lyrics from the piece, and editorial notations about dive bombers and crying babies." Maybe help you

6.4. Debugging

6.4.1. TDD Decrease the debugging time close to 0

6.4.2. Another view

6.4.3. Logging

6.5. Pair programing