Why Integrete Technology?

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Why Integrete Technology? by Mind Map: Why Integrete Technology?

1. The World is different

1.1. Technology is everywhere

1.2. Every job uses technology in some variation

1.3. education is globalized

2. Students are different

2.1. Never grown up without technology

2.2. thrive in situations with technology

2.3. Shorter attention span for nontechnical situations

3. Teaching should be different

3.1. The current model is dated

3.2. We need to use technology for more meaningful education experiences for our students

4. Standards are different

4.1. We are expected to use technology

4.2. We need to know these standards and use them

4.3. ISTE Standards

4.3.1. Points that both students and teachers should meet in the classroom when using technology Cyberbullying Standards for teachers Standards for students

4.4. Ohio Content Standards

4.5. Ohio Technology Standards

4.6. UDL Guidelines

4.6.1. Engagement Recruiting Interest Sustaining effort and persistence Self Regulation

4.6.2. Representation Perception Language and Symbol Comprehension

4.6.3. Action and Expression Physical Action Expression and Communication Executive functions

5. Skills are different

5.1. to compete in job market, students need to have these skills and use them

5.2. New software is being made constantly

5.3. The world is changing, becoming more technological- citizens need to be able to keep up