why integrate technology?

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why integrate technology? by Mind Map: why integrate technology?

1. Teaching should be different

1.1. Should be up to date on technology to help students

1.2. Should be lifelong learners

1.3. Must use it effectively

2. Standards are different

2.1. copy right and fair use

2.1.1. Educator 3. Citizen: c. Mentor student on safe use 3. Citizen: d. Monitor & Promote management of personal data

2.1.2. Student 2. Digital citizen: c. Demo an understanding of and respect for the rights

2.2. cyber bullying

2.2.1. Educator

2.2.2. Student

2.3. Ohio content standards

2.4. Ohio technology standards

2.5. UDL Guidelines

2.5.1. Engagement Recruiting interest Sustaining effort

2.5.2. Representation

2.5.3. Action and Expression

3. Skills are different

3.1. 21st Century skills

3.1.1. creativity and innovation

3.1.2. communication and collaboration

3.1.3. Research and information literacy

3.1.4. Critical Thinking

3.1.5. Nonlinear Thinking

3.1.6. Visual literacy

3.1.7. Visual Thinking

3.1.8. Spatial Thinking

3.1.9. Digital Age Reflection

3.2. should adapt curriculum to new skills set

3.3. More technologically saavy than in the past

3.4. Will help adapt to skills in 21st century

4. The world is different

4.1. Technology is everywhere

4.2. Teachers need a good of level of technology

4.3. Education is globalized

5. students are different

5.1. Grown up with technology

5.2. Multimedia oriented- always on!

5.3. Technology is a must for future careers