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Butterflies by Mind Map: Butterflies

1. Life Cycle of a Butterfly

1.1. Metamorphosis- all 4 stages of the butterfly life cycle

1.2. 1. Egg Stage

1.2.1. Mother butterfly lays eggs on a plant

1.3. 2. Larva Stage

1.3.1. The egg becomes a caterpillar.

1.3.2. The caterpillar eats it way through the egg and then eats lots of milkweed.

1.3.3. The caterpillar gets so big that it has to shed and reshape its exoskeleton multiple times

1.4. 3. Pupa Stage

1.4.1. Caterpillar hangs from branch and grows a chrysalis.

1.4.2. Caterpillar is a pupa inside the chrysalis.

1.4.3. Caterpillar changes into a butterfly

1.4.4. Takes 10 plus days

1.5. 4. Butterfly Stage

1.5.1. Butterfly leaves chrysalis

1.5.2. Butterfly drinks the nectar of flowers

1.5.3. Butterflies taste using their feet

1.6. How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

2. Various Types of Butterflies

2.1. Adonis Blue

2.1.1. Adonis Blue

2.1.2. Found in southern England

2.2. Grayling

2.2.1. Found in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland

2.2.2. Grayling

2.3. Monarch

2.3.1. Poisonous

2.3.2. Found all over the world

2.4. 30 Various Kinds of Beautiful Butterflies (with Pictures)

3. Parts of a Butterfly

3.1. Head

3.1.1. Eyes Allows butterflies to see

3.1.2. Antennae Sense of smell Balance

3.1.3. Proboscis Long tube Used to suck up liquids This is how butterflies eat

3.2. Thorax and Abdomen

3.2.1. Point of attachment for all other parts of a butterfly Legs Used to walk Used to sense vibrations Wings Used to fly

3.3. Parts of a Butterfly: Lesson for Kids |

3.4. Butterfly Anatomy - Thorax & Abdomen