Factors That Changed ME

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Factors That Changed ME by Mind Map: Factors That Changed ME

1. Family

1.1. Asian

1.1.1. Speaks Chinese

1.1.2. Forced to learn the Piano More sophisticated Learnt to play the Violin More sensitive to notes and music Another way to express own feelings when feeling low

1.1.3. High Grade Standards More Pressure More Hard Working Talks about grades A LOT Gets scolded when getting bad grades

1.1.4. Family drinks a lot and Goes Crazy even in Public Started to be more quiet More introverted

1.2. Has a Brother

1.2.1. Constantly Gets Compared To More Pressure

1.2.2. Has a play mate since young Less lonely in the early ages

1.2.3. Has someone that can help at home Learns to rely on someone when needed Grew to be Sometimes Dependent Exposed to different perspectives at home

1.3. Has a lot of younger Siblings

1.3.1. Gets annoyed by them yelling around Grew to dislike little kids (Especially elementary age) Learnt to tolerate and ignore people that annoy me

1.3.2. Learnt how to deal with Kids

2. School + Peer Groups

2.1. Chinese School (MingDao)

2.1.1. Lots of Homework and Tests Spent a lot of sleep time on homework Less Energetic at School More competitive Worked Hard to be in the Top Expectations from the Teachers Motivation mainly driven by avoiding punishment

2.1.2. Homeroom Easier to talk to classmates Closer relationships with only classmates

2.1.3. Culture More restrictions Can't really be yourself at school No Technology at school Homework and Grades mean Everything More Pressure and Competitive More Dull personalities

2.2. American School (Morrison

2.2.1. Slightly less Homework and Tests More time do own stuff Tries harder to make everything perfect Picky on things

2.2.2. Exposure to Sports Team (Peer Groups) Started training body to do better in sports Learnt to work with others better Understands when to sacrifice self for the better cause Forced to learn to manage Things Learnt more about Time Management Learnt more about Balancing what I want to do and what needs to be done Learnt more about Responsibility Learnt more about Priorities Opportunity to meet more people that you don't have classes with

2.2.3. Culture More Freedom Can be yourself at School Technology are technically allowed Homework and Grades not a Big part Can focus on a larger variety of things Less Pressure Lots of electives More choice of classes regarding to what you want to do in the future Gets to meet and interact with people from different grades