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1. Houses vs homes

1.1. What is a house?

1.2. What is a home?

1.3. Who lives in a house?

1.3.1. Residents

1.3.2. Visitors

1.4. What does a house look like?

1.4.1. Outside

1.4.2. Inside

1.5. What is the function of a house?

1.5.1. Different rooms have different functions

1.5.2. Different rooms have different things in them

2. Human homes and houses

2.1. Historical view

2.1.1. Houses have changed over time

2.2. Cultural view

2.2.1. Houses differ across different cultures and places South African homes North American homes South American homes Eastern Asian homes Middle Eastern homes European homes

2.3. Political view

2.3.1. Houses and homes that people build are affected by the political landscape of the area they live in

3. Earth as our home

3.1. What can harm our home?

3.1.1. People War Climate change

3.1.2. Natural disasters

3.2. How can we protect our home?

3.2.1. Recycle Ecobricks Ecobricks can be used to build structures including houses

3.2.2. Reduce Lessen the amount of waste and harmful byproducts we produce

3.2.3. Re-use Rather than throwing away items, use them again for another purpose Buy re-usable items rather than one-use items

4. Animal and Insect homes

4.1. Land

4.1.1. Animals that burrow to make homes

4.1.2. Animals that build homes

4.1.3. Animals that find homes

4.1.4. Animals in mobile homes

4.2. Water

4.2.1. Amphibious animals

4.2.2. Saltwater animals Coral reefs

4.2.3. Freshwater animals

4.3. Sky

4.3.1. Animals homes in trees

4.3.2. Animal homes in mountain cliffs

4.3.3. Animals homes in ceilings

4.4. Fascinating animal homes

4.4.1. Vogelkop Bowerbirds

4.4.2. Weaver birds

4.4.3. Cathedral termites

4.4.4. Honey bees