Accelerating Technology Adoption in Healthcare

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Accelerating Technology Adoption in Healthcare by Mind Map: Accelerating Technology Adoption in Healthcare

1. I. The Digital Health Avalanche/Tsunami

1.1. Shift Happens

1.1.1. $40B investment in Digital Health

1.1.2. Seismic Shift in all other industries finance online banking transportation uber lodging airbnb shopping amazon communication facebook

1.2. The Modern Healthcare Consumer

1.2.1. informed by shifts in other areas

1.2.2. no longer a patient patient well-prepared often mis-informed demands customer service

1.3. Digital Health Innovation

1.3.1. history Mayo custom surgical tools at Mayo integrated medical record IMR transportation system technologies ECGs

1.3.2. dimensions diagnosis treatment

2. II. Technology Adoption in Other Industries

2.1. [Graham]

3. III. Technology Adoption Challenges in Healthcare

3.1. history of change resistance

3.1.1. 17 years for 50% adoption! handwashing vaccinations statins

3.1.2. reduces efficiency

3.1.3. removes autonomy

3.2. history of botched adoptions

3.2.1. techno-centric led by IT

3.2.2. no enterprise perspective

3.2.3. no workflow perspective

3.2.4. adapt/accept or your screwed

3.2.5. forcing vendor paradigms

3.2.6. [mediocre IT staff - low

3.3. [current state of]

3.3.1. project management limited to IT, infrastructure

3.3.2. org. chg. mgmt. rarely consciously applied

3.3.3. design thinking

3.3.4. workflow redesign only as quality improvement not typically applied

4. IV. A Blueprint / Roadmap / Framework for Leaders

4.1. organizational change management

4.2. collaborative workflow redesign

4.3. enterprise project management

4.3.1. enterprise perspective

4.3.2. clinical expertise, not just IT

4.4. Agile Approach

4.4.1. what's the simplest that could possibly work?

4.4.2. Proof-of-Concept - Validate Assumptions

4.5. Clinical & Administrative Leadership