Marketing for new Client

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Marketing for new Client by Mind Map: Marketing for new Client

1. Create Logo

1.1. Logo meeting to understand clients business and designer Ideas

1.2. Draft 3 different Logos

1.3. Meeting to establish which Logo the client likes

1.4. Finalize Logo for Print, Web and Video

2. Create Website

2.1. Meeting to understand the function of the website

2.2. Research the competition and the customer

2.3. Meeting to share result of research

2.4. Find Template in Yola, wordpress or Magento to present overall look an function

2.5. Program the Template for Clients need

2.6. Present Website and take notes for changes over 2 week to 1 month

2.7. Launch Website

2.7.1. Advertise in Social Media Push Ads by busting Ads Find bloggers/influencer to talk about launch and website

2.7.2. Ads in Print

2.7.3. TV or Radio if budget allows

3. Social Media

3.1. YouTube Channel for business to present Products or Services

3.2. Facebook Page to connect with clients 30 and older

3.3. Twitter and Instagram to cover the younger clients

4. Create Product Catalog

4.1. Print

4.2. Online Download