AWS APJ + China (Commerial)

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AWS APJ + China (Commerial) by Mind Map: AWS APJ + China (Commerial)

1. Yuichi Kumagai

1.1. Yuichi-san is quite reluctant to move things as he wants a japanese trainer

2. They have between 1 - 50 accounts and their goal is to identify stakeholders within the key accounts to hunt for new project owners to leverage AWS platform (they don't know everyone)

3. Enterprise Sales (Large Enterprise, Emerging Enterprise, Greenfield)

3.1. Reports to Country heads and dotted line to Brian Kealey (Head of Enterprise)

4. Neha is working with an external agency (Liz) to come out with their sales process/program for AWS

5. ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Mynamar)

5.1. Stakeholders

5.1.1. Territory Sales (Mass accounts) Haren Sim (Head of Territory Sales) Market focus with more than 5000 accounts per territory (e.g. for TH reps). They have to hunt into priority accounts and the rest are scale approach (for geo/industry expansion)

5.1.2. Field Enablement Head of Field Enablement & Sales Excellence (ASEAN): Ranjan Deshmurkh (SG) Alan Tan (SG) reports to Ranjan Ethan has provided insights on which accounts was mostly touched on but they have yet to get back on whether there was any closed won opportunities on those that was flagged out

6. Japan

6.1. Field Enablement

7. Korea

7.1. Field Enablement

7.1.1. Yoonyoung Chang

7.2. Originally requested to do a Korea training but is delayed as they have a number other plans and didn't want to roll out another training for the year

8. Greater China (Hong Kong, China and Taiwan)

8.1. Field Enablement

8.1.1. Lucy Liu (CN) Demi Dong (CN) reports to Lucy

8.2. Running a survey to collect feedback, success stories etc.

8.3. RM/CSM/insights will be trying to create excitement for more people to be aware of Sales Navigator as we see the biggest opportunity to expand and land

8.4. Oscar Abulimiti (Account manager) - advocate of Sales Navigator, potential leverage to understand the use cases, gaps etc.

9. ANZ

9.1. Field Enablement

9.1.1. Ian Herman (Syd) Kylie Clarkin (Head of APAC field enablement) All the different regional heads will report to Kylie Haven been replying our emails and she recommended us to work with the programs team (i.e. Neha Manhas)

9.2. Most active group of users and Ethan has helped run some reports on the activities they have done so that they can work on highlighting more areas to improve adoption

10. Program Team

10.1. Neha Manhas (SG) / Admin for Sales Navigator dashboard

10.1.1. Doesn't take care of Great China and oversee the programatic campaigns and initiatives to drive drive sales activities (e.g. prospecting day)

11. India

11.1. Field Enablement

11.1.1. Debrupa Chattopadhyay Neha Gupta (reports to Debrupa) Running a survey with them and helping them to gain access to the dashboard so they are able to see who currently have the license and map it to their overall count of sales reps they have in India