Prison Reform and the affects of mass incarceration

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Prison Reform and the affects of mass incarceration by Mind Map: Prison Reform and the affects of mass incarceration

1. Criminal regulators

1.1. Extensive Monitoring

1.1.1. Can we spend the money on better rehabilitative measures instead of monitoring and bias laws?

1.2. Law bias

1.3. Moral values

1.4. Policy making

1.5. Rehabilitation

2. Prison Life

2.1. Choices and decison made while in prison

2.2. Before and After prison

2.2.1. What led up to this circumstance? What can be done differently to help the offender not offend again?

2.3. Prison conditions

2.4. Steps at rehabilitating life

2.5. Parole

3. Mass incarceration

3.1. Private Prisons

3.1.1. Why is mass incarceration so important to our culture?

3.2. Stiff sentences

3.3. Unfair sentencing

3.4. Prison over crowding

3.5. Probation

4. Fines and punishments

4.1. Extensieve fines

4.1.1. Do we realize the revolving door we are sending criminals through?

4.2. In and out of jail

4.3. Effects of not being able to work

4.4. Probation violations

5. Race and politics

5.1. Poor people

5.1.1. How do we help these people and stop the cycle from repeating?

5.2. Laws against poor people

5.3. People of color and the Criminal system

5.4. Low income neighborhoods and the police

6. Constituents

6.1. Force laws

6.1.1. Do we go by constituents morals to help justify laws?

6.2. Influence in criminal justice systyem

6.3. elect officials

6.4. Public safety

6.5. Morals

7. Why can we not adjust people back into society after prison?

8. Rehabiltation

8.1. Programs

8.1.1. We need better programs with better results.

8.2. Cost

8.3. Helping hands

8.4. effective teaching