Thermal Physics

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Thermal Physics by Mind Map: Thermal Physics

1. coockehs

1.1. Internal Energy

1.2. Thermal Energy

1.2.1. Q=C ΔT Q = Thermal Energy (Joules) C = Thermal Capacity ΔT = Change in temperature (Kelvin)

1.2.2. Q = V I t V = Potential Difference I = Current t = time

1.3. Latent Heat

1.3.1. heat released/absorbed by a body during a change of state

1.3.2. Fusion solid to liquid

1.3.3. vaporization liquid to gas

2. θ/°C=(T-273.15)/K

3. Specific Heat Capacity

3.1. Q= m C ΔT

3.1.1. New node

3.2. m = mass (kg)

4. Specific Latent Heat

4.1. Q = m L

4.1.1. L = Specific Latent Heat

5. From Celsius to Kelvin or vice versa

6. Energy may be lost to the surrounding

7. process by which energy is transferred

8. Heat

8.1. when we heat a substance

8.1.1. Temperature will increase New node New node

8.1.2. Change its state of matter

8.2. Heat =/= Temperature

8.2.1. Scalar Quantity

8.2.2. Measure how hot something is

8.2.3. Temperature scales Celsius New node Fahrenheit Kelvin