Vsmart EU Consumers

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Vsmart EU Consumers by Mind Map: Vsmart EU Consumers


1.1. Protect Pernal data

1.1.1. Personal data Name, age, mail, address,...

1.1.2. Sensitive data Bio, genetic, health, sexlife,..

1.2. Control user data

1.3. Stake Holder

1.4. Individual Right

1.5. Regulator Activities

1.5.1. Suspend cross-border data flows

1.5.2. Impose temporary bans, data notifications

1.6. No permissions:

1.6.1. No checkbox

1.6.2. User must opt-in

1.6.3. only ask for pertinent data for this step

1.6.4. transperent -> terms, condition, privacy policy

1.6.5. data storage

1.7. We have to do:

1.7.1. Audit data usage (what is collected, when stored)

1.7.2. Appointing DPO: data protection officer

1.7.3. Monitoring data breach: 72 hours to report

1.7.4. Check data processor

1.8. Privacy policy

1.9. CRM

2. Situation/Solutions

2.1. Eur 20M Penalty

2.2. Eu server: For EU consumers data

2.3. Only use for Activation

2.3.1. Offline sell-out checking

2.4. Privacy policy

2.4.1. Built for EU consumers Read and tick "Agree"

2.5. Pháp chế đang soạn phụ lục 8

2.5.1. Lưu ý khi soạn hợp đồng với 3rd party ASP