Interactive Module- Living things around us

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Interactive Module- Living things around us by Mind Map: Interactive Module- Living things around us

1. 2) Intro and Living Things Review

1.1. What characteristics do living things have?

1.2. What do you remember?

1.3. Quick Review video: Living Things | Science Song for Kids | Elementary Life Science | Jack Hartmann

2. 3) What do Living Things Need?

2.1. Food/Water

2.2. Sunlight/Vitamins

2.3. Shelter?

3. 3) Where do we find and See living things?

3.1. Think back again to what they need

3.2. All over, different environments

4. 5) Let's Focus on Plants

4.1. What characteristics do plants have specifically?

4.2. Do plants count as living things now that we know their characteristics?

4.3. What are plants good for?

4.4. Basic Needs of Plants: The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

5. 6) Where do we see plants?

5.1. What areas?

5.2. Inside or outside?

6. 7) What Plants grow near us?

6.1. What do you see outside your house? the school?

6.2. Agricultural Areas- Indiana

7. 8) Thinking and Drawing Time

7.1. Drawing some plants you have seen in the past

7.2. Be realistic

7.3. 10 minutes

8. 9) Reflection & What kinds of things do you want to plant

8.1. What did we learn?

8.2. What kinds of things would you like to plant in our class and why?

9. 1) What Are We Going to Learn

9.1. Connection Question

9.2. Overview of what we are going to learn today