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1. The efficient way of manage human talent.

2. Work with people of flesh and blood, who are governe by diverse motivations.

3. The belief that managers handke people is a myth.

4. The human being far from being a machine, is a talent that must be managed.

5. It is due to staff and training, this guarantees their productivity.

6. If you manage your team properly, it will be able to manage itself.

7. The real function of a manager is to manage the processes and these processes are executed by his team.

8. Neosecure: Multinational with a Board of Directors in Chile, but directed and formed purely by Colombians, which provides cybersecurity services, is a company dedicated to technology which forces it to constantly and quickly update itself in terms of products and services, its clients are mainly banking entities and companies with a high level of information that needs to be protected, dedicating themselves to such a modern business with such demanding clients influences the company to adapt to an equally modern administrative style, it is a company that takes a couple of years to Here his work methodology is transformed from a vertical to a horizontal prototype by processes, where a multidisciplinary cell work is being implemented with a management that empowers its main leaders and allows them to develop new ways for business development and business processes. support for. Neosecure | Nuestra Empresa