Progressive Era

Beginning outline for this lesson.

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Progressive Era by Mind Map: Progressive Era

1. Social

1.1. Civil Rights

1.2. Women's Contributions

1.2.1. Lucy Burns and Susan B Anthoney

1.2.2. Jane Adams and Florence Kelley

1.2.3. Ida B. Wells

2. State Affairs

2.1. Foreign Policy

2.1.1. Wars Russo-Japanese War Spanish-American War

2.1.2. Economy International Market Dole Fruit Company and Hawaii Panama Canal

2.2. Internal Affairs


2.2.2. The Progressive Movement and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1890-1920sU.S. Department of State

2.2.3. Office of the Historian

3. Politics

3.1. Prohibition

3.1.1. All Capone

3.1.2. Bugsy Siegal

3.2. Progressive Political Leaders

3.2.1. William Howard Taft

3.2.2. Woodrow Wilson

3.2.3. Theodore Roosevelt

3.2.4. Louis Brandeis: Supreme Court Justice

3.3. Political Machine

3.3.1. Boss Tweed

3.3.2. Tammany Hall

3.3.3. Political cartoons Thomas Nast