Everything we learned about tornadoes.

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Tornadoes by Mind Map: Tornadoes

1. I learned that tornadoes are vertical tubes of rapidly spinning air.

2. I learned that only 20% of supercells make tornadoes. One question I still have is, "how cold is it inside a tornado?"

3. I learned

4. I learned that tornadoes are formed from a supercell. The question we still have is "can tornadoes pick up sharks?".

5. I learned to stay underground and away from windows when a tornado hits. Also, do tornadoes hit in Florida? like ever?

6. I learned that tornadoes can be 250 miles per hour and can clear a pathway a mile wide and 50 miles long.

7. I learned

8. I learned that Tornadoes are scary.

9. I learned

10. I learned that weathermen try to predict tornadoes coming. A watch means it is more distant, but a warning means it is closer.

11. I learned that tornadoes can travel at a speed of 250 miles per hour.

12. I learned

13. I learned

14. I learned that you can escape a tornado by standing in the middle of a room

15. I learned

16. I learned

17. I learned