Project Campaigns

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Project Campaigns by Mind Map: Project Campaigns

1. International Health Day

1.1. Workshops and Trainings with Med Students

1.2. Organizing a sports tournament

1.2.1. Stands with Information leaflets Risk Factors Fruits or vegetables to give away Healthy recipies and nicotine gum to hand out MS measuring: Blood Pressure BMI Glycemia Lung Capacity

1.3. Flashmobs

2. TB Day

2.1. Advertisment

2.1.1. Social Media (facebook, twitter,etc)

2.1.2. Posters, youtube videos, radio

2.1.3. Website Statistics Information about TB and its prevention

2.2. Main Activity: Big picnic & BBQ

2.2.1. There will be 5 stands that represent the 5 continents

2.2.2. A med student will go around talking to people

3. Anti-Tobacco Day

3.1. Cigarette exchange

3.2. Graphic Campaign

3.2.1. Already existing images

3.2.2. Body painting photos

3.3. Smoke Free Party

3.4. Workshops with Med Students