Business Design

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Business Design by Mind Map: Business Design

1. Business Experimentation

1.1. Business experimentation is mainly at the beginning full of research. The purpose of the research is to find firsts the issue, make a hypothesis, and then solve it. It sound easy, however the procedures sometimes can be expensive to the corporation and if they do not have an specific aim the testing becomes useless. Nevertheless, by experimenting the corporation can save and develop their business.

2. Design Thinking

2.1. In design thinking, each designer can design in their advantages. However, business design has five stages. 1. Empathize (research for the problem) 2. Define (what kind of problems the company/organization is facing) 3. Ideate ( Ideate different types of solutions) 4.Prototyping the ideated innovative ideas. 5. Test in order to develop a better business.

3. Visual Thinking

3.1. Visual think is a way of communicating and organizing your own thoughts. Also, it improves the ability of thinking in a expansive way when we feel overwhelmed.

4. Business design is a set of: methodologies, design mindset, business tools, business challenges.

4.1. In business design are different types of methodologies which help to design and innovate a better business. The innovative groups consist of heterogeneous teams which use abductive thinking among the group.

4.2. The designing mindset core consists of six matters. Start with customers and stakeholders. Think in extremes, prototype to learn, embrace small data sets, combine qualitative and quantitative data.

4.3. Business tools are not only just for a better business performance, also business designers use them as a prototype in order to seek for a more options possible.

5. Service Design

5.1. User experience is the principal matter that service design is focused on. The design should support the development of services. It needs to deliver high quality experiences to users and customers.

6. Better Business

6.1. Better business in the combination of: service design, business experimentation, visual thinking, design thinking and mostly about the designers who needs to be knowledgeable and innovative individuals.