History of the drama genre

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History of the drama genre by Mind Map: History of the drama genre

1. 1970's

1.1. This was when many modern directors made their first films eg. The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppela. This was also the time when Sylvester Stallone created the world famous Rocky and Rocky 2. This was additionally when World War 2 films began getting created more realistically.

2. 1940's

2.1. The 1940's was the beginning of dramatic films with pantomime style melodramatic silent films. The dramatic films that have arisen from this time period focused on character relationships and development.

3. 1950's

3.1. The 1950's was when actors started becoming more recognised for their work including Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. These era showed more lessons from society with things such as relationships between men and women, teenage life and criminality eg. 12 angry men.

4. 1960's

4.1. The 1960's focused more on politics within their films. Many also focused on war including Judgement at Nuremburg.

5. 1980's

5.1. The 80's was when directors started experimenting with themes within their films. Themes such as Sci-Fi and war dramas were greatly accepted with films such as Platoon and E.T.