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miembro superior by Mind Map: miembro superior

1. hand

1.1. carpus is made up of 8 bones

1.1.1. scaphoid-semilunar pyramid-pisiform

1.1.2. big trapezoid-hook-trapezoid

1.2. made up of 27 bones

1.2.1. Metacarps are 5 bones which has a base, body and head

1.2.2. the first metacarpal has additional bones called sesamoides

1.3. phalanges make up 14

1.3.1. the first finger has only two phalanges, one proximal and distal

1.3.2. from 2 to 5 finger contains three phalanges a proximal, middle and distal which have a body and head base

2. forearm formed by

2.1. radius

2.1.1. It is made up of the head, neck, tuberosity of the radius, anterior face, anterior border, interoseo border, apophysis styling the radius, area for the scaphoid bone, area for the semilunar bone

2.2. ulna

2.2.1. it is made up of the olecranon, trocelar notch, coronoid apophysis, radial cube recess, cube tuberosity, anterior face, anterior border, interoseo edge, cube styloid apophysis

3. formed by

3.1. shoulder

3.2. arm

3.3. forearm

3.4. hand

4. upper limb bones

4.1. clavicle

4.1.1. sternal externality. upper face, lower face, cone tubercle, trapezoid line, subdavian groove, costclavicular ligament impression

4.2. scapula

4.2.1. supraspinosa fusa, intraspinosa fossa, scapula body, deltoid tubercle, glenoid cavity. medial border, lateral border, head, neck

4.3. humerus

4.3.1. head, neck, body, major tubercle, minor tubercle, intertubecular groove, supracondylar ridges, coronoid fossa

4.4. ulna

4.4.1. coracoid process, tuberosity of the cube, radial incisure, crest of the supinator muscle, fossa of the supinator, body, head, styloid process

4.5. radius

4.5.1. head, neck, radius tuberosity, body, styloid process, dorsal tubercle, inferior border