Physics: The study of matter, involving forces and energy.


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Physics: The study of matter, involving forces and energy. by Mind Map: Physics: The study of matter, involving forces and energy.

1. Why do we need to study Physics?

1.1. Advances and research in Physics have led to advancements in various areas, including transportation, medicine and agriculture, which have saved many lives, makes our lves more comfortable, and efficient.

1.2. Allows us to better understand the world we live in, and how we can make it a better place.

2. What is the significance of Physics to other non Science disciplines?

2.1. Sports: We can study how the change of an angle, or a force etc. affects the overall performance of a sportsman

2.2. Music: We can study how sounds are produced through musical instruments or our vocal cords

2.3. Arts: Physics can be incorporated into Art pieces

2.4. Geography: Physics is used to determine how the Earth had changed since prehistoric times

2.5. Philosophy: This fields often questions physical truths.

2.6. Humanities: Physics has improved our lives tremendously, and the history of Physics can be studied here

3. What career options are there for Physics students?

3.1. Teacher in the physical sciences

3.2. Laboratory technician

3.3. Computer Programmer

3.4. Engineer

3.5. Inventor

3.6. Technical jobs

4. How is Physics related to other Science subjects?

4.1. Mathematics: Calculus, and basic arithmetic

4.2. Chemistry: How atoms and molecules react with one another

4.3. Medicine: Instruments are created using Physics

4.4. Space Studies: Physics is used to calculate how planets orbit.

4.5. Biology: How the internal structure of an organism affects its external properties