Transformative learning

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Transformative learning by Mind Map: Transformative learning

1. Seamless Learning

1.1. Promotes connections between digital and non-digital resources

1.2. Designed by educators

1.3. Scaffolded learning tasks

1.4. Directed towards learning goals

1.5. Mostly conscious learning

2. Ubiquitous Learning

2.1. Focuses on learning supported by digital resources

2.2. Initiated by learners

2.3. Unstructured learning events

2.4. Non-directed towards a planned-learning goal

2.5. Predominantly unconscious learning

3. Ubiquitous and Seamless learning promote learning...

3.1. across time

3.2. across space

3.3. across contexts, formal/non-formal/informal

3.4. through interactivity, individual/collective

3.5. which allows for learners' agency

4. Example: Smart Learning Malta Democracy

5. Example: IMAESC mobility scheme

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