Reading for 3rd graders

reading lesson for third graders

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Reading for 3rd graders by Mind Map: Reading for 3rd graders

1. Before You Read: Vocabulary

1.1. Here I will list all of the vocabulary of the words which students do not know in the story.

1.2. I will list them out, and include a link to a site, such as, where students can practice the vocabulary terms.

1.3. click the arrow to study the vocabulary list Tine and the Faraway Mountain vocabulary list Flashcards | Quizlet

2. Read the Story

2.1. Here you will read the story by yourself. You should ask for help is you do not understand a word.

2.2. You can read the story silently to yourself, or you can read it aloud to a parent, sibling, or even a pet!

2.3. Make sure you understand what is happening in a story. You should be able to tell the setting, plot, and main characters.

2.4. Click the arrow to read the story: Book view | Free Kids Books

3. After You Read: Quiz

3.1. After students read the story, they will be given a 5 question quiz to check their understanding.

3.2. The quiz will focus on reading comprehension and have critical thinking question.