Consequences of the Spanish Conquest

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Consequences of the Spanish Conquest by Mind Map: Consequences of the Spanish Conquest

1. The slave trade

1.1. Explanation & impacts

1.1.1. Most of the local populations died from diseases so they were not fit to work when the Spanish came. All the Spanish wanted, was for the Aztecs, (Mayas and Incas), to work for them. The problem was solved because the Spanish brought around 12 million African slaves to work the Caribbean.

1.1.2. The African slaves were a cheap way to get workers for the Americas. There was enough money then, to be used for other important things. Poor Africa lost it's population and citizens straight away, but i believe they would have earned some money.

1.1.3. With the Aztec society slowly dying, majority were no longer Indigenous, just European and African. The slaves were controlled by the Spanish now and where basically 'running the land'. In present day, Mexico is 21.5% indigenous and the rest is European and African. This has highly effected Mexico today, imagine what it would be like with no Europeans and Africans?

2. Smallpox

2.1. Explanation & impacts

2.1.1. Smallpox is a contagious disease caused by inhaled viruses. When the Spanish came to the Americas, the Aztecs were all exposed to the virus. In 1519, one of Cortes' soldiers had the disease and brought it to Mexico.

2.1.2. The Aztecs however, had no anti-viral therapies for the virus. Smallpox caused fever, vomiting and rashes that quickly covered the entire body. Instantly, there was a drop in population because the disease was killing millions for 3 months! It is estimated that about 100 000 Aztecs were killed and the Spanish only lost 1000-1800 men.

2.1.3. Disease where never caught in the Americas, but since this there now is a virus going around.

3. New goods and foods for European culture

3.1. Explanation & impacts

3.1.1. Foods and goods were shipped from the Americas to Europe. Suddenly all the Europeans were eating more nutritious foods and now had a healthier diet.

3.1.2. This was an immediate effect that changed their food diet: chocolate, maize, beans, chilis, potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco were all transported. All of this nutritious food expanded the population of Europe instantly - and it was pretty yummy! The European farmers also could grow more crops for around the country. Tobacco was immediately used by others and was addictive.

3.1.3. Without the food from the Americas, we wouldn't have pizza and pasta in Italy! Honestly, i don't know how Italy would be a country without pizza and tomatoes. The population doubled between 1650-1850! Fewer have starved in Europe and the world have been well fed. The Americas have influenced Europe with clothing and tips for the future. Now millions of people are smoking and are easily addicted by it. It is not good for health at all and causes quicker deaths.

4. Destruction of Tenochtitlan

4.1. Explanation & impacts

4.1.1. The Spanish had reached Tenochtitlan in 1519 and Montezuma met Hernan Cortes. Montezuma believed that Cortes was sent by the gods, but soon he realised that the Spanish were just here for treasure and goods.

4.1.2. In 1521, Cortes came back to Tenochtitlan and gained control over the main city abruptly. Boats were used to carry out supplies of food and destroyed the Aztecs aqueduct with fresh water. After several months, the once great city was in ruins.

4.1.3. The Spanish built a new city right on top of ruined Tenochtitlan. The ruins of temples, pyramids and palaces were used to build churches and government buildings.

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6. The Europeans new about the smallpox and that less and less Aztecs were surviving. Now was there chance to export new goods and foods for European culture.

7. Smallpox was completely ruining all of Aztec society. The Europeans saw that they needed to have slaves so they transported African slaves over to the Americas.

8. The African slaves could help with building new and improved landmarks in the Americas.

9. Smallpox

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11. Columbian Exchange

12. Slave trade