IM Brainstorming: Addy Gutierrez

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IM Brainstorming: Addy Gutierrez by Mind Map: IM Brainstorming: Addy Gutierrez

1. distinguishing coins and amounts

1.1. have a link to a video talking about the coins

1.2. screencast a powerpoint of slides showing the different coins with the name, pictures and amount

1.3. create a mini quiz the has them match the amount and name of the coin with the picture of the coin.

1.3.1. this will help them know whether they need to go watch the video or powerpoint again

1.4. The Money Song | Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter | Jack Hartmann

2. adding money

2.1. have a video showing going over the easy coins that add together

2.2. make a mini quiz with adding the same coin so that they know doubles, then have some problems with an amount and they have to pick the coins that make that amount

2.3. Money Song | Show Me the Money | Coin Song | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

3. distinguishing dollar bill amounts

3.1. create a matching game with amounts and the picture of the dollar

3.2. have kids complete a word search or crossword game for them to have fun and work on learning the amounts

4. make a completion quiz

4.1. combine each of the mini quizzes together to have them do at the very end and that will show them whether they need to keep practicing or if they are done with the lesson