Regions Around the World

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Regions Around the World by Mind Map: Regions Around the World

1. Cultural Aspects

1.1. Historic traditions

1.2. Day-to-day life

1.3. Language / communication

2. Physical Aspects

2.1. Major biomes of the world

2.2. Nature & its benefits

2.2.1. How nature helps with child development

3. Major Bodies of Water

3.1. Classifications of the major water body types

3.2. Pollution in oceans

3.2.1. How to keep oceans clean

4. Ways To Use What We've Learned

4.1. Travel somewhere new and see these sights for yourself

4.1.1. Immerse yourself in another culture

4.2. Study another language

4.3. go outdoors more, travel somewhere as simple as your backyard

5. Around the World