Geometry in 2nd grade

2nd grade Geometry IDOE standards

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Geometry in 2nd grade by Mind Map: Geometry in 2nd grade

1. Shape identification

1.1. Be able to identify 2 and 3D shapes

1.2. Be able to draw 2D shapes

1.3. Be able to number shapes of sides of 3D shapes

2. Creating shapes

2.1. Be able to draw 2D shapes

2.2. Be able to create shapes from appropriate objects ex. a square from 4 equal length strips of paper

2.3. Be able to create 3D models from appropriate materials ex. a prism from three triangles and a square

3. Partition shapes into equal parts

3.1. Be able to cut a shape (square, rectangle, circle, triangle) into equal parts

3.2. Describe cut pieces as halves, fourths, thirds

3.3. Recognize that equal parts of shapes do not need to look the same

3.3.1. Composing and Decomposing Shapes

3.3.2. Compose 2D shapes by their given attributes

4. Composition and decomposition of 3D shapes

4.1. Make predictions of composing and decomposing shapes

4.2. Understand that composing and decomposing can be done to 2 and 3D structures

4.3. Understand that composing and decomposing doesn't always create the same shape