Mobile Service Company Proposition


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Mobile Service Company Proposition by Mind Map: Mobile Service Company Proposition

1. Expending company scales

1.1. Risk mitigation

1.1.1. Improving existed techology performances to be more competitive Upgrading and maintaning for current service equipment Technology stakeholders Hiring new talents Management stakeholders technology stakeholders

1.1.2. Information technology improvement Backup computer information on cloude Hard drive

1.2. Revenue optimization

1.2.1. Developing new services, eg. 5G New Tech project group Technology stakeholders Management stakeholders

1.2.2. Updating pricing strategy Conducting researches for industry's and competitors' prices Promotion

1.2.3. Expending service area evaluating on current mobile services of other mobile service companies in different areas Deciding which areas to expend the company's services

1.2.4. Marketing Advertising Video advertising Online article advertising

1.3. Cost control

1.3.1. Employee skill improvement instead of hiring new people Skills development program Providing in company training Education funding for college courses

1.3.2. Outsourcing project to other professional companies Excutive stakeholders

2. Not expending company scales

2.1. Staying on exstied business status

2.1.1. Management Stakeholders

2.1.2. Business stakeholders

2.1.3. Tech stackholders