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REACH by Mind Map: REACH


1.1. Only Tools You Need

1.1.1. Social Page Instagram Facebook

1.1.2. Email List Mailchimp Gmail

1.2. Reach people

1.2.1. Social page Invite people you know Ask people if they know others of similar thinking Connect in online groups

1.2.2. Local Simple Posters Health food stores Yoga or alternative modality studios Other shops that may resonate with your audience. Online Local Community FB pages Gumtree/Craigs List Meetups Local bloggers or social media profiles that resonate Relationships Build relationships with like minded business owners in the same categories as mentioned previously

1.3. Success Traits

1.3.1. Be consistent and show up regularly Regular offerings Constant stream of new people even if small to your network

1.3.2. Be proactive

1.3.3. Be couragous

1.3.4. Stay clear Address any stories as they come up Use the group Use your skills

1.3.5. Create win wins Know what value you bring - why should people attend.


2.1. Pure Temple

2.1.1. Run regular events aligned to Moons Wheel of the year Archetypes

2.1.2. Kalila's early work was like this Free Intro Temples (Great Mother) Invite people into a year long experience $6500 ($500 an archetype) Every Archetype Full Moon 12 - 10pm temple New Moon 3 hr temple 1:1 support to Kalila

2.1.3. Other Offerings One off intro temples - $20/donation One off 3 hr temples - $50 - $70 Day Long - $100 + depending on what you offer 3 mth circle regular meetings $200

2.2. Hybrid

2.2.1. Where you bring your other skill sets to temple work and vice versa

2.2.2. Can increase your pricing

2.2.3. Creates demand

2.2.4. Can be easier to create a sustainable business

2.2.5. You are creating an experience

2.2.6. Example A photographer Can offer archetypal photo shoots Include pre and post temple work/rituals Use temple work/archetypes in the prep phase, setting intentions coming up with the shoot themes ect Mindset Coach Use temple work to prepare for work Use temple work in group meetups Use priestess skills and practices in coaching work. Use the timing of the moon for ideal project times, energy level management ect


3.1. Ideal Funnel + Offering

3.1.1. In Funnel + Offering Product under $50 that is leveaged Mindmap (Starting Out, helps define your work and message) Quiz funnel (Advanced when you know your message and content inside out) Email Nurture series to sell + build relationship

3.1.2. Max Funnel + Offering Working one on one or in small groups Charge enough your business can become sustainable and you can invest in growth Allows you to refine your message and method and figure out how best to transform others Sell via email and get on the phone with people

3.2. Co Creation

3.2.1. Once you start to build an email list ASK them what their biggest challenges are

3.2.2. Use this data to refine the messaging around your offerings

3.2.3. At the end of offerings ASK people for feedback, what challenges do they still have

3.3. Advertising

3.3.1. To expand reach energy is needed, either your time or money

3.3.2. Ideally you get to a place with your IN funnel where you can advertise and gain new people into your following for a very low cost to free amount but you can control when that happens.

3.4. Ideal Tech Stack

3.4.1. Ontraport Paypal or Stripe for money Build order pages Builds webpages Send emails Advanced Automations Create membership portals Affiliate programs Tracking and Metrics of performance

3.4.2. Quiz Software

3.4.3. Reach out to Em if you have interest in any of the above and want to see if it can be a fit for your business.

4. Q AND A

4.1. Feel free to leave if you like

4.2. Happy to answer any questions specific to your situation