what is technology

what is technology

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what is technology by Mind Map: what is technology

1. Technology can not be defined in a single statement due to its massive reach. technology is not something which you just carry around in your hands its something which is spread everywhere on the earth a from a small plant watering system to a huge factory everything is technology.

2. Technology can be created anywhere and anytime. anything which helps a person to make the job easy can be technology.

3. Before taking this module i always thought technology was a term which defines all the gadgets around me

4. References

4.1. Kevin Kelly ted talks 2010

5. conclusion

6. what i learned

7. what changed my mind

7.1. i always was concentrating on the things which were related to the digital industry. but after talking the module i got a new way to think about the technology.

8. what i thought technology was

9. what i think about technology after taking the module

9.1. The use of scientific knowledge to create an advancement in the practical of use something is known as technology. technology is very essential for the human life. "If we eliminate every single bit of technology in the world today and I mean everything from blades to scrapers to cloth, we as a species would not live very long"(Kelly,2010) this statement by Kelly during ted talks was very true because in current days and in predictable future there is a massive need of technology to support life.

9.2. kevin kelly ted talk 2010

9.3. Technology is

9.3.1. anything useful that human mind makes

9.3.2. computers, mobiles, fan, car

9.3.3. energies nuclear fire solar power