Should we stop eating meat?

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Should we stop eating meat? by Mind Map: Should we stop eating meat?

1. For

1.1. Why do we need to eat meat, when we can get those vitamins, proteins and minerals, form other sources of food/vitamins that does not kill animals

1.2. We should stop eating fish, because there is a lot of micro-plastic in them, caused by the plastic pollution in the oceans.

1.3. Yes, because cows are one of the big reasons why our atmosphere is polluted. They release a lot of methane gas, and that is bad for our environment. While that is happening the permafrost is melting, and under that there is also trapped methane gas. So that is 2 times that much methane gas. So by not eating meat from cows, we can help reduce the release of methane gas :)

1.3.1. That being said, eating chicken and fish, would better. Just cut down on the cow meat ;)

1.4. We should stop eating meat because the production of meat releases a big amount of carbondioxid into the atmosphere

1.5. We should not stop eating meat because there are other much bigger reasons to why we have such a high carbondioxid release

1.6. Yes, because the suffering of billions of animals is not worth us having pleasure of taste in 30 minutes a day, compared to a lifetime of pain.

1.7. Less likely of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity

1.8. Cows and pigs are way more intelligent than dogs, and know when they are about to die

2. Against

2.1. No we should not stop eating meat, because mea has good vitamins, minerals and proteins. At least that is what i have learned in biology ;)

2.1.1. There are proteins in many green veggies, beans etc

2.2. We should not stop eating meat, because meat is delicious and it is our own choice.

2.2.1. That is really selfish, do you really think that your craving for meat is more important than an animals life? How do animals contribute to our society? not really in any way. At least not in a positive way. Why should we stop eating meat just because of a few scandals, the animals die anyway. Well you die anyway, so should we just eat you? Animals contribute with fertilizer and can be used for a lot of other things, and a lot of other people in society does not contribute, so should we eat them? animals also have feelings you know A cow naturally lives for about 15 years. Calves are killed at 6 months old.

2.3. It’s not healthier if you don’t get the vitamins that you need, and if you don’t eat varied food it can have severe consequences for your health. So you need to educate yourself on what you have to eat

2.3.1. Why not eat vegan meat with veggies? Still variety and vitamins and protein. But plant based meat isn't cheap. plus, we talk about not getting enough vitamins :)

2.4. We couldn't have such a great welfare society if we didn't have the meat industry

2.5. The meat production is an important part of the Danish economy especially because of our export ("are you aching for bacon? no, but the Brits are")

2.6. Eating meat may increase your risk of dying, while eating lots of nuts and seeds could protect your heart.