Electric Sheep.A1.research_paper

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Electric Sheep.A1.research_paper by Mind Map: Electric Sheep.A1.research_paper

1. Background research

1.1. Market

1.1.1. University in-person events experience from users

1.1.2. Secoondary sources “A RequirementsEngineering Process for User Centered IT Services – Gathering Service Requirements for the University of the Future.” Individual who does reasech Xie, Tingxin (Tsin)

1.2. Competitor Analysis

1.2.1. Current digitized level of in-person events Individual who does reasech Xie, Tingxin (Tsin)

1.3. Revenue and cost

1.3.1. the current business modelof these event-based social networks.

1.3.2. Secoondary sources “Explore the Business Model of MOOCs” Individual who does reasech Chen, Pan (Pan)

2. User research

2.1. Problem

2.1.1. Problem space: Event-Based Social Networkings (EBSN)

2.1.2. Target audience People who looking for mates to play with them. People who have not-working time and want to do something but don't know what to do.

2.2. Solution

2.2.1. Which service should we provide?

2.2.2. Secoondary sources “The Internet, Happiness, and Social Interaction: A Review of Literature” Individual who does reasech Chen, Ziqi (Jacky)

2.3. Unique selling proposition

2.3.1. “better experience that technical subjects bring to students compared to non-technical ones.

2.3.2. Secoondary sources “Activities as a Gateway to Sustained Subjective Well-Being Mediated by Products” Individual who does reasech Gu, Jingjing (Jingjing)

2.4. Risks

2.4.1. The core services that need to be provided for connecting participants and organizers of in-person events

2.4.2. Secoondary sources “Building Support Tools to Connect Novice Designers with Professional Coaches” Individual who does reasech Lin, Kexin(Kexin)

3. Research Methods

3.1. Survey Drop Box

3.2. Student Club Network

3.3. Face-to-Face User interview

4. Division of Labour

4.1. Reseach plan

4.1.1. Chen, Pan (Pan)

4.2. Presentation Design

4.2.1. Gu, Jingjing (Jingjing)

4.3. Prototype

4.3.1. Chen, Ziqi (Jacky)

4.3.2. Lin, Kexin(Kexin)

4.4. Project management

4.4.1. Xie, Tingxin (Tsin)