Systemic Value of A Female Body

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Systemic Value of A Female Body by Mind Map: Systemic Value of A Female Body

1. Private

1.1. Hidden Black body

1.1.1. Unheard of and often unrecognized

1.1.2. Sought, but never found

1.2. Domesticated White body

1.2.1. Worthy of prrotection and preservation

1.2.2. Reproduction site of whiteness and freedom

2. Public

2.1. Enslaved Black body

2.1.1. Reproduction site of blackness and slavery

2.2. Can never be violated; unworthy of protection and easily replacable

2.2.1. Birthed the Myth Whore (lowly white women) Jezebel (combination of "whore" and "slave" Slave (Missouri v. Celia)

2.3. Poor White body

2.3.1. Potential to destabilize the system

3. Mrs. Flint (private white woman)

3.1. esteemed

3.2. protected

4. Nancy (public white woman)

4.1. reprimanded (1662 Code)

4.2. redeemed (1691 Law)

5. Linda in Flint's house (public Black woman)

5.1. exposed

5.2. accessible

6. Linda's Box (private Black woman)

6.1. Inaccessible

6.2. Invisible