Immigrant parents' involvement in their child's education

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Immigrant parents' involvement in their child's education by Mind Map: Immigrant parents' involvement in their child's education

1. what is the issue

1.1. involvement in child's education is more difficult due to language and cultural barriers

1.1.1. Turney, K., & Kao, G. (2009). Barriers to School Involvement: Are Immigrant Parents Disadvantaged? The Journal of Educational Research, 102(4), 257–271. doi: 10.3200/joer.102.4.257-271

2. how has it been studied

2.1. qualitative analysis, grounded theory approach

2.1.1. Kim, Y. A., An, S., Kim, H. C. L., & Kim, J. (2016). Meaning of parental involvement among Korean immigrant parents: A mixed-methods approach. The Journal of Educational Research, 111(2), 127–138. doi: 10.1080/00220671.2016.1220355

2.2. cross sectional, long term longitudinal, comparing 3 immigrant groups

2.2.1. Coll, C. G., Akiba, D., Palacios, N., Bailey, B., Silver, R., Dimartino, L., & Chin, C. (2002). Parental Involvement in Childrens Education: Lessons from Three Immigrant Groups. Parenting, 2(3), 303–324. doi: 10.1207/s15327922par0203_05

2.3. meta-synthesis of quantitative and qualitative studies

2.3.1. Antony-Newman, M. (2018). Parental involvement of immigrant parents: a meta-synthesis. Educational Review, 71(3), 362–381. doi: 10.1080/00131911.2017.1423278

3. what gap would you like to address with this research

3.1. the differences that parents perceive to be caused by immigration

3.2. what programs would help overcome these differences/barriers

3.2.1. Schaller, A., Rocha, L. O., & Barshinger, D. (2006). Maternal Attitudes and Parent Education: How Immigrant Mothers Support Their Child’s Education Despite Their Own Low Levels of Education. Early Childhood Education Journal, 34(5), 351–356. doi: 10.1007/s10643-006-0143-6