Website Title- _______

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Website Title- _______ by Mind Map: Website Title- _______

1. Home Page

1.1. short bio

1.1.1. "recreational self trepannation hobbyist"

1.1.2. what is important info? work history/reusme? aspirations what do i like/what am i like i like disappointing/ i am disappointing

1.1.3. what services do I offer

1.2. title

1.3. Pictures of something

1.3.1. pictures for each piece of writing. can click on each picture and it will take user to page with coresponding writing piece work from previous essyas works from BoS work from dreadxp

1.3.2. picture of me? a terrible thought

1.3.3. not sure what pictures to use for each writing piece. either a picture of the piece itself ie BoS pic will use BoS website image, or use some kind of clip art. maybe even use a picture of text. who's to say.

1.4. contact info