Theatre Organizations for Children Who Are Different Ethnicities

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Theatre Organizations for Children Who Are Different Ethnicities by Mind Map: Theatre Organizations for Children Who Are Different Ethnicities

1. About

1.1. The home page will mostly be about the number of organizations that allow children who are different ethnicities pursue their dreams towards Acting.

1.1.1. There would be a tagline or a call of action that the organization is doing.

1.1.2. There would be images of the Theatre building and children participating in their projects.

1.2. Professional Web 2.0 Resources

1.3. App Prototype

1.4. Google Products

2. Theatre's Location Information

2.1. For this page I will be doing research on the number of organization there are that help children who are different to accomplish their dreams.

2.1.1. Images of the main leader will be shown, their positions and how long they've been doing this. The other members of organizations and how long they've been there and their responsibilities.

2.2. Google Forms

2.3. Screenshot

2.4. Screen cast Presentation

3. References

3.1. I will refer and be reflecting to other website that have the same focus that I want to bring out to people. I wanna go into depth on how people of different ethnicity bring more of a huge change when it comes to Theatre. We go more broader on how we use our tone and language to bring out emphasis on the theme.

3.1.1. Actresses who I look up to that are a different race and how they made it to the top. What was their route? Theatre teachers or Professor and their intake on how seeing children who are a different race made them think out the box,

3.2. Social Media

3.3. Social Media Presentation

4. Home

4.1. I will be giving a brief description of who I am and the reason why I am creating this website. The reason would be that I am a Mexican American undergraduate student who wants to symbolize her race on the big screen.

4.1.1. I will show images on productions that I was involved in high school and the beginning of my freshman year of college. Refer to the films that influenced me to do Acting.

4.2. Resume and Cover Letter

4.3. Digital Story Video

4.4. Emerging Technology Blogs

5. Logic Information

5.1. Statistics on how many students the organization takes in. Is there a huge change on the number of people, Does it ever decrease or increase?

5.1.1. Facts about students in the organizations who were noticed by producers or directors fro Hollywood. The percentages of ethnicity in the organizations. Which has the most?

5.2. Infographic

6. Images of the Theatre Organizations along with stories

6.1. On this page I will go into deep description about children or anyone of any age who was uplifted my a Theatre organization that made them believe that they are the ones who control their life.

6.1.1. My focus would be on an Mexican, African America, Asian, or any child that was impacted by the organization, Go in a background information about their life and what made them wanna do acting. I would show an image of the child or teenager and their past experiences in Production.

6.2. Photo Editing

6.3. Animation

6.4. Graphic Design

7. Tagline: This website is meant for children, teenagers and undergraduate students who are different races and how it shouldn't be something that holds them back from their dream towards Acting.

7.1. Digital Logo