Nicholas Brady

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Nicholas Brady by Mind Map: Nicholas Brady

1. About

1.1. The about me page will give a brief description about me. Where i'm from, when i was born, and what are my favorite activities to do

1.1.1. a logo of the school i attend

1.1.2. a picture about my career i want

2. Contacts

2.1. The Contact page will show how to Contact me

2.1.1. a link to my social media page would be displayed

2.1.2. a photo of the type of Social media im using for contacts

3. Course projects

3.1. The Course projects page will show past projects completed in class

3.1.1. each project/essay that we completed in class

4. Home

4.1. the home page shows my name title of my website and shows tabs on how to navigate through my website

4.1.1. a desription for why this website was created

5. Reference

5.1. The reference page will show the users the references the website used

5.1.1. other strategic planning maps that a were used as a reference

6. Tagline

6.1. a website for class