Julian's Terra World

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Julian's Terra World by Mind Map: Julian's Terra World

1. Contact Me

1.1. This contact page is an application that individuals may complete, whether they are searching for a job or wanting to relax with family and friends

1.1.1. I will add social media icons and Weebly icons

2. Home Page

2.1. This page will have my name and title and a brief summary of what "Terra World" has to offer. In addition, at least one photo to include on page.

2.1.1. I will add a logo to the home page and Weebly icons

3. Course Projects

3.1. This page will have my course projects that enabled me to use digital tools

3.1.1. I will be implementing info graph on the home page and several digital photos on my home and about me page. I will also add a video on the blog as well.

4. Blog

4.1. This page will have at least one blog entry for enthusiastic individuals who are interested attending or making "Terra World" a career

4.1.1. Blog will have my experience on interacting with nature and animals. It will also list requirements for candidates wanting to work here at "Terra World"

5. About Me

5.1. The About Me page will give a brief summary of myself, and why I was inspired to create "Terra World"

5.1.1. This page will have an avatar picture and the franchise logo