Writing Portfolio

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Writing Portfolio by Mind Map: Writing Portfolio

1. Contact Me

1.1. A contact page with an email option

2. Home page

2.1. About me, what I've accomplished so far, goals, experience, etc.

2.2. What I hope to acheive, what I'm learning, what courses I've taken and what I've studied

3. Proffessional Resources

3.1. Things outside of writing that I've done

4. References

4.1. References and credit to different sources used in the site

5. Course Projects

5.1. Projects done in the course

5.1.1. Social media presentation

5.1.2. inforgraphic

5.1.3. graphic design

5.1.4. digital photo editing

5.1.5. cover letter

5.1.6. resume

5.1.7. google drive

5.1.8. action research report

6. Blog

6.1. Writing pieces I've done for other classes, projects, clubs, etc

6.2. Writing pieces for this course