English Career Portfolio

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English Career Portfolio by Mind Map: English Career Portfolio

1. Home Page

1.1. My home page will contain my name, my title and the purpose or reason of my webpage. This will also state who it will help. All of this will be written in a developed paragraph, including a picture of myself.

1.1.1. Image: There will be a photo of myself. Under my image, I will type of my purpose or mission statement of my page

1.1.2. Paragraph: This paragraph will thoroughly explain what my page will consist of and who it will benefit.

2. Contact Page

2.1. My contact page will have a form or column where they can leave their contact information and any question they have to ask.

2.1.1. Google Form: Having a Google Form will be an essay way for visitors to leave their contact information

2.1.2. Column: In this column, there can be a name, drop down box to identify if a student, educator, professional other was visiting a page, and then a question box for visitors to fill out.

3. About Me Page

3.1. On the About Me Page, I will have a picture of myself, alongside educators who have helped me be where I am at today. Adding on, I will add on how these educators influenced me to choose my current major and career.

3.1.1. Photos: Picture with Momma Henderson- She was my AVID teacher who was also a junior English teacher who helped me get all the financial help I have. She also helped me Add a photo of Mr. Valente, AP English teacher (which is what I want to be)

3.1.2. Paragraphs: Under each photo, I will go in depth on how these educators got me to where I am today.

4. Reference Page

4.1. In my reference page, I will include two recommendation letters of those in the teaching industry.

4.1.1. Ask Ms. Henderson for a recommendation letter

4.1.2. Ask Mr Valente for a recommendation letter.

5. Course Projects

5.1. Google Form: I will use this to make a form so people can leave their information

5.2. Images: I will use various images taken by myself.

5.3. Weebly: This site will allow me to present my website.

5.4. Mind Meister: Helps me plan out my ideas.